All of our extensive range is available to both the professional fuel system repairer and the motoring enthusiast.  CSC also caters for the needs of the spare parts industry, supplying organizations such as Repco, AutoPro, Auto 1 and many local small parts outlets.

CSC ships parts all over Australia, and can also send to Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.


CSC has full workshop capabilities for repairing and overhauling carburettors, mechanical fuel pumps and ignition distributors.  We can carry out on-car or off-car overhauls of carburettors, using a test facility which enables us to test run the carburettor on an engine equivalent to the size of the motor.

We have experience with modern cars and vintage models.

Our workshop also does fuel injection servicing, with an off-car test and repair bench for electronic fuel injectors. (CSC does not service diesel injectors).

In addition we carry out engine tune-ups and log book servicing for your vehicle.