Fuel Miser
CSC is the NSW specialist distributor for the complete range of Fuel Miser brand fuel system components including:
  • Carburettor rebuilding kits
  • Carburettor components - such as floats, diaphrams, jets, gaskets
  • Manual and electrical automatic chokes, and conversion kits
  • Fuel Pumps - both mechanical and electrical
  • Fuel Injection parts - injectors, seals, filters, oxygen sensors
  • P.C.V. Valves
  • Pre Heat Ducting
CSC has a great range of Weber carburettor components including - jets, chokes, rebuilber parts, linkages and rebuilt carburettors.

CSC imports a large range of premium parts including:
  • Dellorto Carburettor - components including - jets and rebuilber parts.
  • Classic Carburettor - rebuild kits, catering for the veteran and vintage car market

Huge Range
CSC maintains a huge stocks of Stromberg, Solex, Zenith, SU, CD, Nikki, Hitachi, Mikuni, Carter, Autolite and Aisan parts. We also stock rebuilt exchange Stromberg carburettors.

Road And Track Experience
CSC has extensive road and track experience with Holley and Rochester carbs, maintaining both rebuilt units, as well as a huge range of jetting and rebuilder parts

Car Conversions
CSC stocks carburettor adaptors, sports airfilters (Unifilter, K&N, Redline), fuel fittings and linkages for carburettor converions.