CSC is a family owned and operated company, with a history of specialist service dating back  over 70 years. The name of Howarth has become synonymous with carburettors. From the late 1920's Harry Howarth established this business in Concord before moving to the present site on Parramatta Road at Burwood, around 1940.

The Early Days

In the early days, full mechanical repairs were undertaken and by the mid 1950's carburettor and engine tuning became the main direction. Ray Howarth, Harry's son, came into the business after the end of W.W.II and continued the reputation for expertise in the fuel systems area.

Having decided to concentrate on carburettors, it was a natural progression to build up a vast range of parts to suit, from Model 'T' Fords to the latest from Europe and America. model_t.gif (3302 bytes)

This continued until 1975, when Tim Howarth joined the company. After a few years it was evident that with such a range of parts and experience, a move into wholesaling carburettor components was justified, and this started when the Bennix company, manufacturers of the Stromberg range, granted CSC distributor status. From then on the range of fuel system components available grew, with Fuel Miser coming on board in the mid 1980's.

mod_car.gif (6327 bytes) Today CSC has parts to suit Weber, Holley, Rochester, Dellarto, Stromberg, Solex, Zenith, Carter, SM, CD, Autolite, Aisan, Nikki, Hitachi and Mikuni. Whilst making every effort to satisfy demand on all carry types, we have limited our resources to cover mainly car and truck applications. This means that motorcycle, outbord and small engines (chainsaws, etc) are not catered for, however, some industrial and farm applications can be satisfied.
Our Team

Our team, with over 60 years combines experience, includes:

  • Alan Jackson: Service manager - with over 30 years experience in the business is arguably the most talented carburettor and tuning technician in Australia today.

  • Tim Howarth: Managing Director -  a third generation carburettor specialist, bringing marketing expertise and sourcing experience to the company.

CSC is committed to quality, both in sales and service. If we can't source the part, or repair your unit, then we'll know someone who can.

About CSC